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The bicycle glasses are not only beautiful but also protect your eyes from the sun and flies in spring and summer. In addition, you really notice the advantage of a good pair of glasses when, for example, during mountain biking you hit a branch in front of your glasses when you cycle close to trees.
A good pair of cycling glasses ensures that you have a sharp and clear view of the road. Athletic cyclists ride at high speeds on asphalt or plod along forest and mountain trails with all kinds of obstacles. It is then important to have a good view of the road. Cycling goggles and sports glasses prevent falls and dangerous situations, and wearing them has many advantages:

It keeps dirt, dust and pollen out of your eyes.
It prevents glare from bright sunlight, water and snow.
It protects your eyes from UV radiation, cold, rain and wind.
Cycling glasses or sports glasses are tailored to the needs of cyclists, so they have different features and functionalities than ordinary sunglasses. Just like cycling clothing, cycling glasses should support you during the ride. A good pair of cycling glasses should therefore be ergonomically shaped, lightweight and tailored to the environment in which you cycle. We tell you more about this under the heading



Ski goggles, also called goggles, are worn during skiing and snowboarding to protect the eyes. Ski goggles primarily protect against UV light. At higher altitudes the effect of UV radiation is greater, moreover the light is reflected by the snow. Without protection, snow blindness can occur.

Ski goggles are placed over the eyes and held with a strap around the head. The goggles completely seal out the eyes. To prevent fogging of the goggles, multiple lenses are used. Also, the lenses are often given a chemical treatment, which makes them less likely to fog up.

The lenses of ski goggles come in several categories: S1 (for fog), S2 (for cloudy weather) and S3 (for sunny weather). Some ski goggles have interchangeable lenses.

In addition, ski goggles offer protection from flying ice and snow particles. Ski goggles are usually worn in combination with a ski helmet.

Today's ski goggles have their origins in space travel. The design for the Apollo helmet, which could not fog up, was adapted for use in ski goggles. The goggles cannot fog up either inside or outside because they are electrically heated or ventilated inside.

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